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Teen Week magazine spoke Delena

Teen Week Magazine, with Selena on the cover, spoke about the friendship of Selena and Demi Lovato, or as fans call "Delena"! See what they said about the girls:

As everyone knows, the Demi and Selena were BFF, but eventually removed.

Though Chato "finish" with a best friend, Sel has no resentment. Unlike Demi, who has shown jealousy of her friendship with Selena Taylor Swift.Se aposter with ex-BFF, the Selena smiled and exclaimed: "Oh, Demi. "

Jennifer says it's difficult to walk with Sel

In a recent interview in HollywoodLife, the Jennifer Stone showed how difficult it is to walk with her friend Selena Gomez, because they can not do things like a normalteenager, let alone go shopping.

 "We tried to do our shopping and go to the forest,  but it is not easy because of the paparazzi and piss me off it! " says Jennifer, who recently starred in Mean Girls 2.

Selena outdoor concert in Argentina

Check the appearance of Selena Gomez to be held February 4 in Argentina:

The Highway will open the show of Selena in Argentina

As you know, Selena will be on June 4 2011 in Buenos Aires,Argentina, to make asingle appearance in the country.And who will take care of opening a highway, a mini series starring Roger Gonzalez, Zapping Zone number  of the country. Apart from Roger,the cast also includes Valeria Baroni

Here is an official music video to know them better:


Selena Gomez departing LAX airport today. Sel has only been photographed a couple of times since spotted getting close in St. Lucia with rumored boyfriend Justin Bieber. Despite avoiding camera as much as possible the beauty was more than happy to sign a couple of autographs and careful as she checked her Apple laptop at the security checkpoint. Photos: Fame.


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Back in the studio Selena Gomez

As you know, Selena and her band are working on a new CD and what we know so faris that only one song has ended. But today, Greg, the drummer of the scene posted to twitter a picture of your music PROCEDURE completed and saying that he was writingagain. Check the picture below, and then converted the tweet:

GregGarman: Writing back http://twitpic.com/3ulkof

Nothing is known about this new recording, but once we have the information, we will publish on the site.

Picture the scenes AYWR photography!

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Selena VS Kristen

Τhe news of Kristen Stewart that could play Snow White, now  we hear that it cancompete with Selena Gomez. And we can see that total Selena is perfect for the role too! This girl is amazing! 

According DisneyInfonet Selena had been invited to attend the  hearings in February on the role of princess in Disney. The report says Selena, 18, and Kristen, 20, is one of theloved ones of director Rupert Sanders.

The girls will obviously auditioning along with Leighton Meester, Nicole Anderson and Miranda Cosgrove.

 Already reached on the resumption of Selena and will inform you about any news! 

And (in a perfect world) who would prefer to see the Robert Pattinson is Justin Bieber, aprince?

Selena Gomez to have a concert in Argentina with HIGHWAY.

Roger returns to the stage this year with his band HIGHWAY of Disney Channel Original Series with the same name. This time will be making his presentation at the famous Estadio GEBA in the city of Buenos Aires in Argentina. This time HIGHWAY will be pledge to the public before the concert of the Disney Channel star Selena Gomez and his band The Scene who know for her role in "Wizards of Waverly Place. "

This will be the first date that makes HIGHWAY in the year after his last appearance in the River Plate Stadium before about 50,000 people who gathered in the concert of Jonas Brothers and Camp Rock 2.

Source: http://www.facebook.com/RogerFanClub

Selena comments on a video created by the fan

A fan made a music video editing Who Dat Girl, the song performed by Akon and Flo Rida in that Selena was the girl mentioned in the video. Departure:

Yesterday, Selena not only saw the video said it too! Here is what he said:

 "I love it! You are very creative"

Reconfirmed the Selena songs in Spanish from the European Parliament

@ T33NSource now confirmed songs Selena Gomez & The scene will record in Spanish.
 See below:

The songs that the European Parliament agreed on the Spanish version of the second cd of Selena Gomez & The scene is the Naturally, Round And Round, More and Tell me something i don't know.

New (?) Selena rare

I figured since it's such a slow news day I might as well post it.

Source: Tumblr

Winner of Radio Disney promotion

The effect of promotion on Radio Disney, which will give two tickets to attend the concertSelena in Argentina, first row, all expenses paid! Unfortunately, only residents of SãoPaulo could be involved. For those unable to see, who won promotion was ....

Luana da Silva Almeida!

The girl is a real fan of Sel, and called 38 times to win. Luana Congratulations:)

Selena as a guest star in a movie

In the film "Mission almost impossible" starring Jackie Chan, Selena Gomez is listed on a piece of film. The film is a production of 2010

See also 33:30 by clicking here aqui !

Source: Selmg
Vídeo: Selena Daily BR

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Demi back on SWAC??....Semi???

selena & justin at the movies last night

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez enjoyed an average teenage movie date in Burbank last night ... except for the bodyguard, the paparazzi, the fan mob and the shameless plug for Bieb's new movie.

Not sure how to embed the video, so click HERE to watch it.


Shake It Up on iTunes

The @T33NSource, famous for disclosing truthful information from various artists, said on twitter that on February 8. 

@T33NSource: Shake it Up [Selena Gomez] iTunes Single release pushed to Feb 15th.

New Movie with Selena Gomez

According to information that Selena will do the tests in February  on the role of Snow White in the film "Snow White and the Huntsman" along with the other artists who were invited, among which are: Kristen Stewart, Nicole Anderson, Leighton Meester, Miranda Cosgrove.

Which do you prefer?

AOL's Hottest Music Stars Under 21 List!

With Taylor Swift out of the running -- she celebrated her 21st on Dec. 13 -- it's tooth and nail between these young music stars to be among those on our list of 21 Under 21. Some of these youngsters are just finding their musical voice, while others (ahem, Bieber) are hotter than ever. 

 Selena Gomez
Age: 18

Selena Gomez is not just 'some Disney star' -- the actress/musician started Selena Gomez & the Scene, a pop band for which she is lead singer, in 2008. 

Why She's Hot: Selena Gomez & the Scene beat Justin Bieber for Favorite Breakout Artist at the People's Choice Awards.

What's Up Next: The band's first full-production road project, the 'A Year Without Rain Tour' 2011.

Essential Listening: 'A Year Without Rain'

Selena Gomez, 'I Love Jeggings'

Selena Gomez Top Of The Pops interview excerpts. On her personal fashion: 'I love jeggings, they’re so comfortable.. I buy scarves and necklaces in loads of different colours and textures, too. These accessories can help give you a vintage look. I love style, but when someone else thinks something is perfect for you, but you don’t, then it’s their style, not yours.. Be comfortable and have fun.'
Beauty tips: 'Take care of your skin. Do the three steps: exfoliate, use a cleanser and then put on a moisturising cream.. I use a Kérastase oil to protect my hair when I’m blow-drying, L’Oréal Elnett hairspray, and I’m a big fan of Mac, Nars and Stila make-up!'